Welcome to the Portland Urban Kiz Dance Family !!!


The first and only rule of these event is to check all egos at the door. At this event THERE ARE NO HEROES, as soon as you walk through the door you must realize that everyone is equal and that everyone can learn SOMETHING from ANYONE. When you come in with this mentality you are prepared to enjoy the time as well as to be enjoyable to others.

Who is invited:
Anyone in Portland area is invited that would like grow their dance in Urban Kiz.

What we will be doing:
The classes will be broken up into 3 parts (times will vary):
1. Foundations (30 mins)
2. Dance Exercises (30 mins)
3. Focus Training (1 hr)

$5 at the door


Every Friday at Formation Studios

5514 Southeast Foster Road, Portland, Oregon 97206

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