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Given the current health situation that is effecting all events globally, we have decided to convert our weekly classes to online and postpone all of our major dance events. This is to not only protect the dancers in the community, but also the people that we are in connection with too. These are the elderly and the young who may not have the immune system to fight off the corona virus. The reason why this virus is spreading so fast is because the people who are infected may either not be practicing the safest measures, or they may not know they are infected because symptoms do not present themselves immediately. Whichever the case, we feel it’s in the best interest of the community to postpone all mid to large size gathering and to encourage everyone to take this time to stay home and take care of themselves and their loved ones during these uncomfortable times. Watch a movie, play some board games, or spend the time doing the things you have not had time to do instead of engaging in a partnered dance. Let’s turn the negative environmental issue into a personal positive for yourself and stay indoors. We will update you all about the continuation of our events as soon as we can. Stay safe everyone.

- CEO Eddie Hercules

notice regarding covid-19

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